My Story and Vision

Patrisha Matthews – From Hostess to Swag Business Expert

Like most teenagers I began working in restaurants as a hostess and server while I was in high school.

After graduating from high school, I pursued a college education focusing on accounting and business management. After receiving my Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from George Mason University, I remained active in the restaurant field for the following ten years.

My husband had digital marketing clients who required ad specialties, which inspired the launch of my promotional products business.

My time in restaurants provided me with valuable insights into promotions, especially through organizing special events and catering services.

Today, I apply my extensive experience to assist in easing the challenges that often accompany business promotion.

My goal is to aid individuals in establishing enduring connections with their clients by leveraging the effectiveness of promotional items.

Patrisha Matthews, Owner

Patrisha is an expert mother, homemaker, and the founder and owner of Digital Hula Promotions. She enjoys pre-dawn high intensity workouts, obstacle course racing, gardening and knitting.

Mission & Values

Empowering Businesses Through Promotional Products

We aim to ease business promotion challenges and boost client engagement.

We are a promotional product distributor and proud member of the Advertising Specialty Institute. The promotional product industry, also known as the ad specialties industry, is a substantial one valued at nearly $22 billion and is utilized by a wide range of businesses throughout America.

Our Values

We offer personalized solutions tailored to your promotional needs.

Premium Promotional Items

  • Wide range of promotional products
  • Expertise in special events and client connections
  • Member of Advertising Specialty Institute
  • Experience in business promotion
  • Focus on enduring client relationships
  • In-depth knowledge of the promotional products industry

Tailored Promotional Strategies

  • Offer a diverse selection of promotional items to cater to different business needs
  • Specialize in organizing special events and helping businesses establish lasting connections with their clients
  • Proud member of the Advertising Specialty Institute, ensuring quality and professionalism


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